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The Journey Here

Addressing the media at the Amgen Tour of California

Christopher is a brand strategy and marcom executive leader with 30 years of cycling and outdoor industry experience. Leadership roles at adidas, Mavic, SRAM, Mountainsmith and others were part of the journey, launching many of the products you know by name and helping build the experience and perspectives Chris deploys today. A driven strategist and challenger to the status quo, delivering some of the most successful revenue results in our industry.  From startups to global brands, Chris has been breaking new ground for brands in consumer engagement, experiential marketing, PR, and digital media strategy.

Your Path

We'll hit the white boards and the web to develop a plan that works.

We know that no two brands or products are the same, and their marketing plan shouldn't be either. We will work with you to identify your brand values and what makes your product unique.

 We will work together and surface the opportunities and reveal the range of challenges to navigate, and deliver a comprehensive plan of action to get you to market, right where you need to be. Right where your customers are looking. 

Your Success


Your brand is great, and you make compelling cycling and outdoor products. But it is crowded out there. Are you connected to your fans? Do you engage the tribes who should love what you do?  Let us guide you to market deploying more than 30 years of success and knowledge gleaned from the hard work at some of the biggest (and smallest) brands in cycling and outdoor. We will invest the time and guidance you need. Whether new to the market or a legendary brand, together we will develop your story and path to market to that will let you partner with the tribes and consumers you need.